Accelerating the future Supply Chains

#SBHACK2019 Apr 16, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Accenture, GS1, Panalpina, Cargolux and Smart Containers have jointly defined the challenges that delay the development of a more efficient supply chain. They would like you to focus on the question of how to combine Blockchain and GS1 standards to create value in a collaborative ecosystem that – in spite of its complexity – offers options for traceability and authentication.

Today’s supply chain ecosystem is plagued by time delays, costly inefficiencies and the consequences of human error. For instance, each individual step is laboriously documented by hand – if it is recorded at all. Additionally, the provision of faster services is currently failing due to the difficulties concerning the implementation of intelligent solutions that allow packages to be tracked in real-time along the entire supply chain.

Clearly, blockchain technology seems to be an ideal choice to tackle many of the problems which plague the supply chain. However, the industry is struggling to implement blockchain technology-based solutions: No proposed project has yet made it through the proof-of-concept phase. It seems that one of the key challenges are missing standards either within a single blockchain solution or between two blockchain solutions.

Can you imagine a future in which the communication between two blockchain solutions ensures traceability and authentication of particular products without confidential product information being revealed? What will it take to get there? We hope you are prepared and ready to hack this future together with us. We need a lot of bright minds and able hands to make it happen!

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