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Promotion for blockchain-based applications

Trust Square has joined Blockchain Nation Switzerland, powered by Innosuisse, to promote the adoption of  blockchain technology. The goal is to generate ideas and drive them forward, so that they turn into actual projects or startups.

Blockchain Nation Switzerland brings together corporations and their resources with new technological solutions and young startups. Thus, innovators and companies jointly shape the technological future.

Innovation cycle

The four-year promotion project «NTN Innovation Booster – Blockchain Nation Switzerland» brings together the most relevant representatives from academia, industry and politics.

Collectively, they developed a four-stage Innovation Cycle in order to turn ideas, in collaboration with corporate partners, into tangible and promising prototypes, business models and startups.

The know-how and experience of the blockchain ecosystem, which is interconnected by the SBF, are bundled in specific formats and used to develop and generate ideas.


The goal of the Innobooster is to bring together as many different players as possible and solve complex economic and social challenges using blockchain technology in the form of new products, services and eventually companies.

Entirely in the spirit of: an idea is only valuable, if it is implemented.


Open Ideation

Idea generation and development


Hacker Teams develop prototypes

Corporate Acceleration

Further development of ideas & startups in companies


Turning ideas into funded startups

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