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Agro food decentralized value chain

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Problem Statement

Local farmers are always competing with global markets. Discussions about value chains are heating up. The consumers are more eager to know what they are buying, from who, when it has been produced, what production method has been used and so on. We also believe that they'd be interested in helping producers, like farmers, directly, if they want to support the way they are producing healthy food for the community. Farmers and producers are slowly moving in the digitization era, while blockchain technologies are mainly used to link supply chain partners and collecting certificates of quality. There is normally no direct relationship between end consumer and farmer/producer

We are thinking of how the agro food industry could be supported while satisfying the need of consumers for more transparency. Farmers are no high tech companies so they will need our help to make such a development possible - they need YOU!


Build a system to connect the agro-food value chain enabling a direct relationship between farmer and consumer to allow for direct farmer funding, rewards & advance payments of final products, remunerating in advance farmer efforts, while guaranteeing product authenticity and incentivize product quality. The payment should enable the distribution of tokens that can then be used for the collection of the final product. For marketing purposes, the solution should also enable to collect end-user reviews, photos and tips after reception of the final product. Payments and collectibles should occur in a new and practicable token economy model

Show us your idea of a business model and a prototype, and what it could look like as a solution!


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