DEXVersus Tournament and Duel Center

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Problem Statement

In the "DEXVersus Tournament and Duel Center" within DEXGame, players will be able to participate in tournaments and duels with the DXGM tokens they own or purchase.

But as you know, coins and tokens are cryptocurrencies with variable prices.

We think that a system that works with a cryptocurrency based on variable prices for the players does not have a sustainable structure for the gamers and also for our platform.

If we asked you to build a system powered by a fixed value cryptocurrency converted from DXGM token, how would you build this tournament and duel center?


You can present the solution for this problem with a system architecture that works on-chain or off-chain. However, hackers who are providing this platform with an on-chain system architecture, will be one step closer to success for DEXGame!
If more than one team presents with an on-chain system architecture, the most successful hackers will be selected considering the superiority about designed system performance metrics.
  1. Decide which platform (Algorand, NEAR, Streamr, Casper, Velas) is the most suitable one in regards to a gaming platform for game investors, gaming competitions and NFTs.
  2. Build your gaming platform with your selected platform (Algorand, NEAR, Streamr, Casper, Velas
  3. Use a Front-end Framework(React,Angular, Vue) and choose any Frameworks or Libraries (.NET Core, Java)
  4. Stay in the game by power of microservices. Build your application in microservice architecture. Docker and microservice are good friends. Don't forget to dockerize your app!
  5. Create a customer-oriented web platform with focus on user-experience for the online gaming platform so that users can register and login easily.
  6. Fulfill all the user stories
  7. Connect your selected platform (Algorand, NEAR, Streamr, Casper, Velas), with a Web3 wallet to your gaming platform.
  8. Connect any game with your platform.
  1. Your system should support adding new games and platforms

  2. You should transfer the amount of distribution between challengers, investors and platform revenue shown as page…. in DEXGame Whitepaper

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