Julius Bär

Wealth management Crypto Wallet

Watch the challenge video (please note, there are two challenges in this recording)

Problem Statement

Today wallets are very functional and don't offer a variety of features for more demanding users. The wallet in comparison to a classical bank account is fully in the possession of the user but lacks the options a bank normally provides with their sophisticated banking solutions. This is still a gap to what users are normally experiencing working with other systems. We see a potential to close this gap and give digital investments investors the same options and possibilities like in classical assets. 

We would want to tackle this gap with your help!


Create a wallet with additional features like for example portfolio analytics, the ability to consume news and research to be up to date while investing, integration of various NFT and Defi options, allowing investments only to be ESG certified and so on, we don't want to limit your ideas! What is a big topic for us is privacy and security, the possibility to add and remove assets (technical acceptance), login and navigation, interactive UI. To solve this challenge, you'll need to work with a blockchain with DeFi support.


Stable Coin by Banks

Problem Statement

Currently, there is no Swiss bank coin in place where investors can participate in even though the Swiss banking sector is known for its reliability and longevity. Trust in the Swiss financial system can  only be shown by engaging with bank products or accounts. However, investors are interested in a decentral solution. This allows them a broader risk diversification as well as participating in a complete industry. 

Embark with us on a journey how to cover reliable Swiss values in a new coin and offer investors to participate in the Swiss financial system.


Create a proof of concept of a new stablecoin issued by swiss banks against deposits. This coin has a negative interest rate which transfers the coin money to the Swiss national bank. Challenges we see are the coin issuance, ecosystem & acceptance, implementation of (negative) interest rates. The solution should include a dashboard for the coin owners to visualize inflows from transactions.


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