City of Lugano

Local Economy Reward

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Problem Statement

Today local economy is in constant competition with global players with very different possibilities and budgets. COVID brought many back to what is sold in the store around the corner instead of travelling far distances. The City of Lugano sees their local business as part of their DNA and wants to foster the businesses by helping them attract more people buying locally. Especially being so close to the boarder this topic has a very high importance to the region.


Help us enabling this system and support our local businesses - we depend on your creativity!


Develop a SmartContract-based algorithm to promote local economy. Cashback earning is based on a pre-defined "assigned location (home)" and for every purchase users should receive an amount of LVGA Points inversely proportional to the distance from the assigned location. Regarding cashback spending: when using LVGA Points to buy products and services, the user should receive an incentive to spend LVGA near the assigned location.

Today, the cashback earning for every purchase is fixed: 10% of the spending. Every cashback earning or spending generates a transaction on the customer wallet. Our goal is to give users an advantage and incentive in purchasing and spending the cashback near the assigned location. This helps to support decentralized local businesses!


Gamification of Lugano

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Problem Statement

Tourisms is always in a dilemma as there are so many nice spots throughout Switzerland, Europe, and the world. The fight is global as well as regional with a common sense of getting the attention to the regions in general. Travellers on the other side always look for great options to get to know new areas and keep their curiosity returning to these beautiful places. Cities need to be creative to attract many visitors as well as keep the "returning-rate" high. Returning and loyal visitors support the local businesses which are one of the most important assets every region has!

Lugano already joined the Blockchain community and is eager to expand its possibilities using this top-notch technology. The MyLugano App already works with LVGA Points to support local business. MyLugano is the go-to app to live the city of Lugano. The platform hosts an innovative loyalty program to support local businesses built on blockchain and LVGA Points (the Lugano digital currency). Registered App users receive a 10% cashback in LVGA Points on every purchase they made within the circuit.

LVGA Points are collected within their app wallet and can be used for make payments within the circuits. Currently there is no gamification nor reward system encouraging users to make a frequent usage of points.

Help us to expand the reach of Lugano and give every visitor a thrilling experience!


Ideate a new gamification feature for the blockchain-based city App MyLugano with the goal to increase user engagement and promote the usage of LVGA Points within the circuit for purchases in dozens of shops, restaurants, and service providers.

Today, the cashback earning for every purchase is fixed: 10% of the spending. Every cashback earning or spending generates a transaction on the customer wallet. Our goal would be to increase the app usage, the usage of LVGA Points and increase user satisfaction measured by NPS increase.

We're looking forward to your creative suggestions how gamify Lugano!


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