Nomoko’s real world application for blockchain enabled building permit submission

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Problem Statement

In the world of submitting building permits to municipalities digitalization is slowly accelerating. Still wheels turn slow and on the one hand customer experience is not as its best and and on the other hand bureaucratic effort is unnecessary large. The current solution for handing in building permits is a folder of around 150 papers, taking 3-5 months to process. Besides the overuse of time and resources the disadvantages of that are the lack of insurance of the continued traceability of information over time and the additional costs that occur with each submitted building permit. (Current solution basically not compatible with digital transformation).

Municipalities have realized this issue and the resulting cost increase. Certain municipalities of Switzerland have requested a digital solution for submitting and storing building permits (as well as their related data, such floor plan, shade simulation data, CAD, etc.). Their requirements are the following: prevent fraud, ensure that historical events can be traced back, and create an open "digital public space" that would make the current submission process more efficient, transparent, and secure. (split public/private).

This real-life use case with the municipalities’ needs, sounds like a challenge we are able to tackle with your help!



Context: Nomoko is creating the Digital Twin of the world and is currently providing 3D data (and other information) to certain municipalities in order to contextualize construction projects and simulate their impact on the existing neighborhoods. This digital workflow is now part of their building permit submission process. Additionally Nomoko runs Praedia, a digital marketspace that invites stakeholders of the real estate industry to either seek for, or provide their services in order to make the real estate industry more digital.

We want to see, what for ideas you'd have to answer this request and help to lower the financial and time-intensive hurdles when entering a building permit with municipalities! Design your prototype and show us how this could look!

Keep in mind: Files need to be uploaded and stored in a cloud (Nomoko will take care of this) but this storage needs to be linked to the blockchain. Once a building permit is uploaded, there needs to be a unique stamp for time tracking and the submission status in order to ensure the traceability.

The program should be integratable into the ecosystem of Nomoko, so there should be an rest API connection available allowing for users of Nomoko's marketspace to input data through Praedia and for the program to run in the background only returning the processed building permit without additional user interaction.

We will for sure provide everything you need!

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