Fake news detection

Watch the challenge video:

Problem Statement

The media industry is struggling with difficulties to generate the necessary income to finance real journalism and therefore show the truth behind superficial content floating around on social media platforms and free content providers. The motivation for journalists to dig deep into stories and put their name at risk is shrinking year by year. This leads to the growth of dangerous fake news and conspiracy theories raising the tides in public dialog. The media is an important pillar for information gathering to form our own opinions on extensive topics relevant to our private lives. This development must be stopped, and media must regain its position as neutral source for information.

To turn the tide media must find ways to remumerate researched content and filter fake news to protect the readers from the influence of people and organisations own agendas.

Possible Challenge

Fake news detection. Build a system to validate the source for information. Find a way to guarantee information authenticity or incentivize the data-input of the actors along the value chain.


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