NFT reader App

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Problem Statement

Following the current NFT hype, retailers are jumping onto the NFT wagon. The possibilities are very wide, and the range of specific uses are uncountable. The question what to make out of this technological possibility is unanswered for many companies thinking of using NFT. We ask for YOU to assist us in this journey finding possible use cases for Richemont. At Richemont we believe that beyond the hype, NFTs can be useful for the mainstream public in many ways, one of which being by providing pieces of digital art. Looking at the possible target group, it is hard to limit it specifically, thus the target group stays very wide which leads to even more variety in taste of people. In order to take these assets to the next level and making them accessible and interesting through the ownership period, we believe that these digital art pieces should be enjoyable in different ways, which as of today is not possible without dedicated devices or cumbersome solutions. We want to make each art piece a constant companion for his / her owner to enjoy it in as many occasions as possible. 

We believe that an NFT experience cross-device, operating system app can greatly enhance the ownership experience. We would love to see how you'd bring all those different systems onto one flexible app. Help us to augment the experience and thus the value of owning digital art pieces and bring this joy to our customers!


By creating a framework on an ecosystem such as iOS or Android, we allow any owner to reuse existing devices which he or she is familiar with, allowing to choose the most adequate based on the situation. By implementing on this framework, we could offer different visualizations or enjoyment options to increase the opportunities of joy and by enabling compatibly with multiple wallets and multiple blockchains (ETH, Flow, Solana, etc.) we give more flexibility. Our goal is to see a great solution from you that allows art to flow in between all systems!


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