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Cross-chain NFT Marketplace

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Problem Statement

Non Fungible Tokens are unique assets in the digital world. Blockchain technologies let those assets "live" on chain, be transferable and with the guarantee to be unique. But there are some limitations coming along with the technology.

NFTs are currently spread over different marketplaces like:




Trading between those marketplaces is not easily possible therefore limiting the market size as well as supply and demand.


Elaborate on a solution that

1. Let NFTs be transferred between chains 2. Enables cross chain smart contract interaction (e.g. biding for NFTs from other chain)

NFT & Generative Art


Watch the challenge video:

Problem Statement

Non Fungible Tokens have become extremely popular, especially in the art world. The value of these “Art NFTs” is constituted by its uniqueness, the “story behind” and the utility, amongst others.

One of the coolest trends at the moment is generative art, because artists create algorithms to randomly generate visuals (e.g. Art Blocks).

However, blockchain technology is only used to “host” the generated NFTs that have been mostly generated off chain – so far!


Rethink how blockchain technology itself can be leveraged to increase the value of Art NFTs. Build a versatile NFT generator/launchpad platform, that enables artists to generate valuable artworks.

What could be a trend beyond generative art? Will it be a dynamic NFT evolving over time? Or an NFT artwork which functions at the same time as a type of entry ticket? Would be possible to create a complete on chain NFT generation experience?

Deliver a PoC for the platform and a technically feasible plan for completing the development, focusing on the protocol/interface in place for allowing artists to plug their own art idea algorithms.


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