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Self-sovereign identities

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Problem Statement

Today, almost all people use different identities from several identity providers, from banking logins to social media accounts, to be able to use different online Services. This is complex and leads to a lot of risks regarding security and a clear identification of the user logging in. This growing threat of cyber risks leads to the necessity of a unique identification.

In the next few years, new forms of self-sovereign identities will replace today's classic identity solutions (IdP's). Self-sovereign identities eliminate the classic identity providers as intermediaries between users and online services and shift control over the use of identity data to the user. Since today's models are strongly anchored and integrated in the online economy, a solution is sought to enable the transition into the decentrally organized use of identity data and identity related credentials.

Without a proper and easy transition option for users this transition won't be disruptive enough and might be nipped in the bud.


SwissPost is looking for a solution with which users can transfer identity data from an existing IdP account into their (SSI) wallet by means of an SSI Wallet App and can release them for use in an online service (Veryfier) in the form of Veryfiable Credentials. The solution is to be implemented on the basis of the W3C standards "Verifiable Credentials Data Model" and "Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)".


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