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CO2 trading platform

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Problem Statement

Emission certificates is a fast-growing market. Currently, the registration and administration process of the emission certificates runs via a ‘trusted’ third-party provider like for example IHS Markit. These third-party platforms are clearly profit-orientated and the dependency on them makes it difficult for the non-profit and non-governmental emission certificated trading companies to negotiate acceptable prices. Therefore, the NGOs would favour an efficient, independent, and self-managed registration solution.



The goal of this challenge consists of the creation of a decentralized/DLT-based, open and permissionless platform that makes environmental organizations independent of profit-oriented third-party providers in their attempt to register and trade their emission certificates. Blockchain/DLT-based tokens for the emission certificates should encourage the usage of emission certificates to a broader market as partial quantities of a certificate can be issued. To foster an open innovation culture within the emission register and certificate ecosystem, the blockchain/DLT platform solution needs to be open source and should allow the development of other business ideas on top.

This will include coding simple PoC to demonstrate some basic functionalities including emission certificates on the base of tokens. It is expected that the developed solutions will include a) the blockchain/DLT architecture idea, b) a PoC with respect to the proposed technical token infrastructure based on one of the participating plattforms, and c) an estimation for the costs and benefits of the solution.

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