BerChain joins #SBHACK19

#SBHACK2019 May 10, 2019 12:00:00 AM

#SBHACK19 registration is open until 24 May 2019. Here’s how to register. While you’re getting your team together and your application perfected, we wanted to introduce you to one of our partners, BerChain! Located in Berlin, one of the leading global hubs for blockchain, BerChain promotes the Berlin blockchain community and fosters relationships with crucial stakeholders like corporates, politics or investors, connecting them to the local community of over 100 Berlin-based blockchain startups. Their mission is to position Berlin as a global blockchain capital. To read more about BerChain and the rest of our partners, visit our website here.

We sat down with Ricardo Garcia, Co-founder and Vice President of BerChain as well as the Head of Partnerships & Blockchain Advisory at ScanTrust, to see what motivation lies behind BerChain’s contribution to #SBHACK19!


Whatis your motivation for contributing to the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon?

BerChain’s mission is to connect and promote the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem. In that context, we are actively interested in further strengthening relationships with blockchain hubs in other countries. #SBHACK19 is a great opportunity to connect the Berlin and Zurich/Zug blockchain ecosystems, thus strengthening the ties between two leading blockchain hubs.


What are the biggest challenges that the Berlin Blockchain Community is facing today?

Berlin is a globally leading tech hub for blockchain development. Because of this, one of the biggest challenges at the moment is the additional adoption of solutions that are developed by start-ups here in Berlin. Another big challenge for those start-ups is how to deal with regulation.


How do you think Blockchain can help foster innovation to support and develop the Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem?

One of the biggest opportunities for Berlin, and for Germany in general, is to use blockchain as a technology that facilitates and enables the fourth industrial revolution. Germany is a leading country with respect to IoT, AI, and Industry 4.0 solutions. Blockchain is a backbone technology that can help increase security and build fully integrated solutions in that space.


Where do you see the greatest potential of BerChain cooperating with Trust Square and other Hackathon Partners?

BerChain can definitely help to raise awareness for and promote #SBHACK19 in Berlin and Germany. As such, we can help the hackathon gain additional international traction.

The potential and opportunity that BerChain brings to #SBHACK19 is the access to the Berlin blockchain ecosystem. This can be very valuable for hackathon partners, who can gain access to start-ups and innovation from this ecosystem, as well as access to Trust Square, which will build an international collaboration with other global blockchain hubs.


What are your expectations on the outcome of #SBHACK19 and how can it help BerChain to further its international cooperation and impact?

#SBHACK19 will be a great opportunity to increase adoption of blockchain solutions in the enterprise space. For BerChain, the main outcome is to increase awareness and attention about the Berlin blockchain ecosystem on an international level. The impact that this generates as well as the opportunity to connect two blockchain ecosystems can help increase adoption of blockchain technology in Europe as a whole.

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